At CM Cubed (CM3), our classes focus on guiding students to create their own original works of art. We assess their artistic strengths and interests so that they can create more than just a pretty picture. Instead, students can make something personal and not just mere imitations. Students are grouped by age:

Early Explorations (ages 3.5-5)
Art lessons do not have to be limited to pencil and paper. Instead, we encourage kids to explore various materials like: clay, wood, fabric, and recycled materials alongside traditional mediums like color pencils, pastels, and watercolor. We focus on each child’s process while also teaching techniques so that they can make enriching and age-appropriate work. This program is intended to introduce the child to a general understanding of art and prepares them for Fine Art Fundamentals.

Beginning Foundation: (ages 5-7)

Intermediate Foundation/Fine Art Fundamentals (ages 8-11)
The Fine Art Fundamentals program is a more refined study of form, composition, and color theory. Students will be challenged to develop their artistic skills further, like observation and problem solving. Here they will begin to grow and find their own style to make original works of art. Advanced Fundamentals (ages 11-13) As the students continue to grow, the fundamentals will further expand. In this program we will continue to challenge the student’s observation and problem solving skills, while also incorporating guidance on technique so they may refine their work.

Advanced Exploration (14+)
Advanced Exploration is created so that students will become self-directed art makers. Students will be given more freedom to create their own projects and set their own goals. They will be responsible for their own learning and projects, as well as building an awareness of their process. Teachers will guide and advise, allowing the student to explore their unique style and perspective. No prior training required, just a love for art and open mind.