Cultivating a Love for the Arts and Culture

CM Cubed’s focus on art is not solely in just creating a pretty picture, we aim to create big thinkers! History’s greatest artists dared to experiment, investigate, and observe the world around them. We have high hopes and dreams for our students, with the intention to nurture a love for art and culture. This is to also set a higher standard and introduce new ideas about art education for our local community.

We provide an art education experience that is well-rounded and informed by multiple disciplines and impart skills that strengthen and prepare students to think critically and practice effectively. At the same time, we take into consideration each student’s characteristics, level of ability, age, and interests. What speaks to one student, may not to speak to another, but everyone can learn to appreciate art and culture!

Our faculty consists of highly esteemed professional artists that are experienced in the art industry field. Members of our faculty take part in the Los Angeles Art Show, currently the foremost art show on the West Coast of the United States. Teachers have long been active in art circles, educational and art institutions, media, art fairs, and galleries; with connection and communication with industry professionals. Our involvement in the arts industry gives us specialized insight and knowledge that brings relevant and deeply informative activities; we provide a teaching style that looks toward the future and the development of individuality.

CM3 is home to unique teachers, visual exploration, and education. We feature a professional exhibition space, with regular exhibitions featuring professional and emerging artists, and student work. Workshops are also held by visiting professional artists and educators. Classes are open to people of all ages and all levels as young as pre-K to adults. We welcome art lovers to come check us out and tour our school.

Please contact CM3 for an appointment.


  • 我們可能不是華人社區最好的畫畫學校,但一定是最好的藝術學校!立方藝術學院高眼界、高起點、高要求,為華人社區的藝術教育帶來全新的理念,樹立全新的標準。

  • 我們強調藝術教育必須回歸人文本質,以提高學生藝術素養為核心,同時遵循不同年齡階段的特點和個體的特殊性,循序漸進地提高學生的藝術創造和表現能力,有條不紊地把學生培養成未來的人文菁英!

  • 作為美國西海岸最重要藝術博覽會──洛杉磯藝術博覽會(LA Art Show)的團隊成員,我們的老師長期活躍在高端、主流的藝術圈子,與國內外著名藝術機構丶媒體丶藝博會、畫廊和優秀藝術家保持緊密的聯繫和合作,了解世界藝術潮流和方向,使我們的教學和活動緊隨時代、前瞻未來。

  • 我們擁有:獨一無二的美育理念、教育方式和師資;絕無僅有的專業展示空間,長年舉辦優秀藝術家作品展,學生在學校即可觀摩美術館級別的藝術作品;開辦特別教育項目,邀請藝術家、教授為學生開辦特別課程。

  • 歡迎真正在乎子女藝術教育的家長,親臨學校參觀考察。